One click social login with Google Facebook for Maropost Commerce Cloud

Simplify customer login and sign up whilst helping boost your conversion rates and customer experience. 


Social Login is Faster and Stickier

The data is in, customers prefer it

“Consumers prefer social logins to traditional UP authentication because they typically allow them to create and log in to accounts with just one click. As a result, social logins generally boost conversion rates by up to 20% — though some companies report seeing as high as 40%. Social logins also provide access to rich user data, allowing you to use more customized, targeted marketing with individual consumers.” Source

92% of users will leave a site instead of resetting or recovering login info. Source

Quicker checkout + reduced cart abandonment

Help your customers bypass annoying login issues and login with one click using their social network….the one they are already logged into anyway. 

“Kevin Ho, VP of Marketing for marketing agency WishPond, found that after featuring a social login option more prominently than traditional authentication, the company saw an 8.5% increase in their conversions.” Source

The Outsmart Difference

Created by the experienced team at Perceptiv Digital. Specialising in eCommerce growth and a Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) Gold Partner, you're backed by full support and ongoing development.
One Click Login is fully integrated with Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) meaning you're dealing with an app that is fit for purpose. No need to do complex integrations or worry about compatability.

Top notch support

Get prompt support from the team who develop Outsmart apps and One Click Upsells. We have a 24hr SLA meaning you will get a response within 1 day guaranteed.

Delight your customers

Improve your website user experience by reducing the time to sign in or sign up. Make purchasing on your website easy with one click social logn.
Outsmart Neto

Deep Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) integration 🎉

One Click Login is the addon that delivers better customer experience resulting in reduced cart abandonment, increased conversions and increase satisfaction. 

Fully integrated and deployed for your Maropost website by experts who understand the platform. 


Track the usage of the standard login vs social login

Understand how many customers are opting to login via a social network compared to the standard Maropost login on your store. 

Some data suggests that 40%+ customers choose to login using a social login for convenience resulting in a better buyer experience, resulting in increase conversions. 

Pricing That Keeps you ROI Positive

Pricing is inclusive of GST

One Click Social Login

works with Maropost Commerce Cloud
$ 200 Per Year
  • Choose any integrated social network
  • Google Modal / Popup login
  • Unlimited user login and registration
  • Easy to follow deployment instructions
  • Usage analytics

One Click Social Login is available from your Neto Addons page within Control Panel. Navigate there now and click 'Install' on the Outsmart app to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a one off $99 cost for our team to deploy this on your website. We will require Maropost Partner Login in order to implement the addon. 

Ongoing the cost is only $200 per year.

No, we do not offer a trial period for this addon given its value and purpose is easy to understand. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee however. 

All plans come with email support and live chat (within the app).

We currenly do not offer phone support.

All of the credentials are encrypted using individual Google account's user data + token data, as well as a random initialization vector, and identified only by their Google account ID. Not even we can tell the emails or usernames of users that are stored in the database, we can only just see the total count of users per Maropost / Neto store.

The only way to decrypt and retrieve the data is by identifying with Google, which means that the data is secure as long as Google is secure.

All of the browser <-> API communication is done via SSL, so the data is always secure during transit, and protected against MITM attacks.