Give your store emails a make over to match you brand and increase sales. One time payment, and no coding needed!

Install from your Maropost Commerce Cloud Control Panel. Navigate to the Addons page and install the "Outsmart" app. Simply activate PrettyEmails within the Outsmart app to get started.

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About this app

May, 2023


Email marketing

Integrates with
Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud

$697 per design pack
Lifetime Updates. One Time Cost.

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Tailor your store's email notifications to reflect your brand and drive sales. No coding necessary!

PrettyEmails helps you customise each email template that Maropost Commerce Cloud is sending from your store, such as the order receipt email sent to customers after every purchase. 

As you're striving to make the best impression online, sell more and retain your customers, improving your post purchase emails helps you stay on brand.

Choose a design pack, customise in the drag & drop editor, then purchase and set up in your store. Support included.

Choose your design pack

Choose the design pack of choice (currently we only have one pack available) to get started. 

You can try the chosen pack for FREE in our custom built editor and then purchase once ready.

Make It Your Own

We purpose built our email editor to be easy, intuitive and quick. Make any modifications you like to an email, section, piece of content or overall inclusions. 

See what it looks like in our live preview as well as on desktop and mobile.

Add Incentives To Take Action

Keep customers coming back to your store by including discounts or exclusive deals in your emails. 

Transactional emails have much higher open rates than marketing emails, so its time to leverage those open rates to drive value and additional sales.

That's It! Better Emails In Under an Hour.

Step 1

Go to your Maropost Commerce Cloud / Neto Control Panel and click on the Addons page on the left hand side.

Step 2

Find the “Outsmart” app, install it or if already installed click on “Configure” to login with one click. 

Step 3​

Try PrettyEmails for FREE, pay a one time fee for lifetime access to your chosen template

Step 4

Pay a one time fee of $679 to purchase your pack and deploy the emails.